IN 2012

2017 Phase-1 

Phase-1 Jan 2017 Start of Contouring of site Installation of CMS site main access road, security fencing and main and pedestrian gate access.

2018 PHASE-2 

Phase-2 Installation of 20m  x 18m Raft foundation. Pakie Jones (RIP)  playing a few tunes and 40' by 14' polytunnel in background.

2019 Phase-3 

 Erection of Building Steel Frame, Roof and External Walls supported by SECAD 

2020 Covid

2021 Phase-4

Windows, Doors, Internal walls, Internal Painting, Site Underground Services, Plumbing by CMS

Phase-5 2022 COMPLETION 

Site Civils, External Plastering, External Painting, Electrical Fitout, External Painting, Recovered Water & Site Landscaping

2022-2023 Planning completion certification

Snagging and completion of Building Controls submission for Certificate of Completion in Compliance